Curriculum Fairy
a homeschool curriculum lending library

The Curriculum Fairy has made the hard decision to shut down operations effective immediately.

We have found that nearly 80% of those who borrowed from the library last year have chosen not to return their items. This extreme loss ratio, along with issues from the recent hurricane, has made it impossible for us to continue operations.

For those of you who so generously donated and those who returned your items, we send our sincere gratitude. We truly appreciate the support and kindness you have shown to us over the last year and a half.

All remaining items in the library are being donated to local families in need. For those of you who currently have items on loan with us, we ask you to pay it forward and donate your item to another family in need when you are done.

Thank you all for allowing us the opportunity to help the homeschooling community and families in need. We wish you all great success in your lives and your homeschooling.

The Curriculum Fairy volunteers